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LT and HT Switchboards/Panel Retro Fitting

Jatson have more than 15 years of experience in LT Panel manufacturing. This long experience of our team helped us to do retro fitting work with more agility. We understand the pain points and the dynamics of industrial processes and have clear idea of the timeline to finish such specific jobs. Retrofitting work involves replacement of the old/existing circuits or elements, switchgears, within the new systems and with a new element or switchgear component. Typically, a retro fit is carried out on an existing electrical control panel or electrical distribution system which is or may be of good condition but has a considerable time remaining until its end of life.

A sample of retrofitting might be upgrading a feeder MCCB circuit from Four Hundred Ampere Thermal Magnetic MCCB to six hundred thirty Ampere with Electronic Trip. This would be done for additional load to the building and also provides better electrical coordination between control panels.

Another intention for a retrofit can be damaged or worn-out circuit breakers or substituting outdated protection or control relays. Replacing these will mean panels will have better performance and protection. We provide regular retro fitting jobs for all our existing customers.



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