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Shutdown Maintenance

One of the crucial forms of maintenance in the field of electrical distribution systems is shutdown maintenance. Execution time and quality of servicing are the major aspects of this activity. Jatson is known for its reliable service for such specific activities in the region of South Gujrat.

Harmonics Audits

With wide use of semiconductor components like VFD and soft-starters, presence of harmonics is the most prevalent reason for poor quality of power. To improve on this part, we are aligned to have best and most accurate instruments to analyse the power system at the distribution side of the customer.…

Plant / Factory Digitalization

Recently, Industry 4.0 and now Industry 5.0 are the key drivers of the technology today for any kind of industrial set-up. Data acquisition thus has a great significance when it comes to measure and analyse the energy consumption patterns and system healthiness. We encourage and educate our clients to move…

Preventive Maintenance

Serving different segments of industries has nurtured our experience of understanding process demand. This has helped us to carry out the preventive maintenance of electrical equipment viz Control panels, transformers and substation equipment keeping in mind the criticality of it in the process. Preventive maintenance (or preventative maintenance) is maintenance…

Servicing of all Panel Boards

Just like transformers, electrical switchboards are the controlling auxiliaries to keep up healthy electrical distribution system. This makes it the most crucial utility component in all types of industrial setups. Our Forte of being a panel manufacturer and an electrical contractor has helped us to sharpen the edge when it…

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